Newport Kayak Fishing will open up for the 2013 Summer season on May 20th 2013. 

Fishing has been good in the harbor and should start getting even better with some warmer temperatures forecasted later this month. For the 2013 season we have added brand new Cobra Fishing kayaks to the lineup as well as a new set of rods and reels. 

Surf fishing has also been good the last couple weeks with the perch and croaker showing up in pretty good numbers. 

We are excited to kick off the season and hope to see you this Summer!!

-Newport Kayak Staff
Well the fishing in the harbor is almost in full swing. Went out with Paul today for a 4 hour trip and within the first 20 minutes he had already landed 4 barracuda! The first of the season. The Barracuda were small but it was exciting tugging on them on the lighter gear. Here is Paul with one of them: 
We fished that area for about 2 hours and Paul was slamming all sorts of fish left and was crazy! The bass were all great size for the harbor. Everyone was hungry today.
After about 15 fish we headed back into the harbor to fish some other structure spots. There was only one more fish Paul had to catch to get the Harbor Grand Slam....a halibut. I can't say that I was trying to get him on top of some halibut but I certainly know a couple spots where they hang out from time to time. Sure enough:
It was nothing too big but it completed the Harbor slam! It was also Paul's first halibut, Congrats Paul! He fished very well today and we went on to go catch about 10 more bass each. It was certainly one of the better days of fishing I have seen in awhile. Weather looks like it is holding pretty steady :). Get out there!
Well the weekend brought some great weather and the fishing was pretty good too. Went out with Sabino on Saturday morning for a quick two hour trip and he ended up with two Spotted Bay Bass and Two Calico Bass. The fishing was a little slower than expected but four fish in two hours is not too bad I guess. 
Here is Sabino with a little Calico he caught: 
Then This morning (5/7/12) we had very similar conditions with Bill. Again a two hour trip, but this time the fish were hungry! Bill's first three fish were every species of bass! It was a great day and we caught a healty sized calico bass for the harbor:
The fish were biting all throughout the entire two hours and we ended up with about 15 fish total. That's the kind of fishing trip I like! The fish were hitting pretty much everything we threw at them. Ended the day trying to catch some of the small Barracuda which were in the harbor today but those little buggers were short biting all morning! We will get them next time! 
Here is another prized catch:
This is a late report from the week of April 21st to 25th. Went out on a short two hour trip on Sunday and boy was there a lot of bait in the water. Dolphins cruising all around the harbor chasing mackies and smelt. It was awesome watching that in itself! The bass were finally ready to play. We floated around the normal spots and as long as you could get your bait under the blanket of mackrel the bass were biting. 

Then on Wed, took Ken out for a nice four hour trip. Started off the day with a great pick on Calico Bass fishing More towards the mouth: 
After picking off a bunch of Calico's up to 14 inches we decided to cruise back and target the Spotties. The Spotties were on their usual spots and biting pretty well. It took a little while to get on top of them but once we did, each drift was producing at least one fish. Got a bunch of these guys: 
Ended the trip floating through the boats and picking off a bass or two here and there. Ken caught a Sand Bass to go for the first Bass Trifecta of the season! 
The conditions are looking really good for this week (May 4-11) the water is warmer and the tide swings are looking prime! 
Well it was another interesting week of surf fishing here in Newport Beach. I took pops out for a complimentary surf fishing trip and had a good time soakin up the sun and enjoying the nice weather. The waves were pretty calm and very little wind, so I thought it was going to be an excellent day. We ran into a few good holes where we were getting a lot of bite but they were all short. I got crafty and really hid the hook in the bait trying to entice these guys to take the whole darn thing. and Finally:
....No wonder why they wern't swallowing the bait, they were smaller than my hand! Oh well, I'm not going to complain after getting skunked last time. A couple more of these little guys and we called it, it was fun getting enjoying the nice weather and a few fish to entertain us.
I decided that maybe Newport was just fishing slow so the next trip I took to Bolsa Chica State Beach. It was cool fishing a new place but ended up getting the same thing here. 
I spent a lot of time trying to catch the bigger guys fishing various grubs and live baits but only caught about five of these palm sized perch. Another nice day at the office so no complaints here!
We ran a few trips this weekend, and while the surf fishing has been rather slow, the kayak fishing in the Newport Beach harbor has finally picked up! 

Guide Eric Harmon went out on Saturday morning to a beautiful 70 degree morning and had non stop action on the water. He reported that he had a hard time getting the bait to the bottom before the mackrel would scoop up his bait. 
Well I certainly would not be complaining after being skunked a couple times in the surf. Eric went on to get 5 Calico Bass, 2 Spotted Bay Bass, and 4 Sand Bass. 

The fishing looks like it is picking up on the bass, the spotties still a little slow but should start chewing on things here soon. 

We will still be running discounted Kayak Fishing Trips and Surf Fishing Trips until this action stays consistent. 

On a side Note: Come visit us at the PCS festival at the OC fairgrounds April 28-29 and get some kayak fishing swag as well as gift certificates! 
Went out with Jerry for a surf fishing trip. Arrived to an inviting 70 degree perfectly sunny day at Newport Beach. The wind was calm and conditions looked pretty good. There was a pretty big leftover swell from this weekend which was stirring things up pretty good. So we got a little wet and cast out: 
Threw out the usual baits and hoped to get some action. The side current was ripping and I think the fish we hanging out beyond the outside break. We worked all up and down the beach and never got on a bite. The trip turned into a more theoretical approach on how to surf fish. Hopefully fishing will pick up this week as the waves die down. We ended up leaving without any fish, but I had a great time showing Jerry how to surf fish as well as hanging out at the beach. 
Decided to go out and hit the sand today. The weather was pretty bad this afternoon: cold, cloudy, and windy. There was a good little 3 to 4 foot SW swell making it difficult to cast past the outside break, so I was stuck fishing the impact zone and the inside break. 
There was a lot of good structure around so I thought it was going to be a productive day. Had to work a good 400 foot stretch of beach before I got this little guy:
It took about 30 minutes of fishing before I landed that first little one so I was happy to break the skunk. The next few casts I pulled in four more of those little ones so I decided to move on in search of bigger fish. 

Ended up fishing for about another 45 minutes for a couple bites but no fish. On the way back to the car decided to stop by the small spot to pull in a couple more dinkers before heading back to the car. It was a pretty fun day, made the best of what I had. 

The weather looked like it was clearing a little as I was leaving, it may have gotten better but who knows. 
We started off March with some great surf fishing action. The perch are active and a few of the other species are starting to get going. We ran a few surf trips so far this month and the fishing has been great! All three trips saw some great fishing with a few corbina showing up a little early. The perch were eating the usual baits and we got a few yellowfin coraker on sand crabs. The weather looks like its going to clear up and the fishing should stay great. 

The Newport Harbor has been a little slow with the super clean water clarity. The Spotties are having their pick at the plentiful baitfish running around the harbor. Since the water is clear they are most likely feeding at night. Hopefully the water warms up which means they will be more active as well as more nutrients in the water, creating a stained clarity. 

So in the meantime we are recommending the surf fishing trips but if your up for the challenge we would be more than happy to get you out on a yak. 

Here are a few of the smaller perch we caught:
Took out two great guys last Sunday, Victor and Tony. We headed out around 8am to fish the morning tide swing. The weather was perfect 75 and sunny with no wind. We paddled out to a couple of the normal spots and never got into a good bite. Victor picked off a little Calico bass at one of the spots which lifted our spirits. Then Tony pulled in a nice sized Sand Bass. 

We tried a different spots in some heavy eel grass next to some large docks and saw a bunch of big Croaker a Perch swimming around. We tried throwing some small plastics at them but no takers, they were all busy picking at the mussels on the docks. Victor then pulled in his first spotted bay bass. I could not get myself to leave the spot with the huge croaker and perch, it was too hard to leave a spot where you can SEE the fish! I managed to catch one of the perch and it was a solid 11 inches and fat! 

We then cruised back to the launch with smiles. The fishing was not that great but it was sure a nice way to spend a beautiful morning.